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Passion: A deep love, respect and pride for the game. A connection with your body and the ball, no additional tools needed. Team sport, not an individual, a connection with 10 other players battling for the same outcome. 

Commitment: To follow through with the goals you have set for yourself. The ups, the downs, the tears, the joy. To push through and be proud of what YOU have accomplished. 

Fun: Without fun, what is the point!

Ronaldinho always said, "I play with music in my head". Always keep that in mind.

Success: Everything that you have put in, coming to affirmation! 

Coach Sergio Medina Jr.

I have dedicated my life to fútbol. It has not only brought me life long friendships but the real meaning of passion and dedication to the game. It has taught me discipline and team work. 

I started my fútbol career when I was as little as 4 years old, moving forward to many championships and award winning teams. I now feel the best thing to do is give back. Coaching has become my new passion and I am dedicated to teach the upcoming youth what the game I love is all about.

I believe that a player should always play with drive and purpose, all while remembering the reason why you started the game in the first place - to have fun ! “ Remember fútbol was always the first game we all played as children”



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